and there was dried fruit.

and there was dried fruit
chocolate too: one mint and one of oats
plus mixed berries, yoghurt, bread, soup
                                                                                            a gift

I had said to King Father last night
‘Father, I would really like dried fruit’
the request was wistful, half-hearted
I did not think heaven was moved
and so swift
                              even with dried fruit

all year I have longed for the treat
the long-sought substance of faith
His bread of answer
‘be satisfied and filled’
my Father’s longing to fill me with satisfaction

I had never imagined such famine
when I said ‘yes’ to the call
such a thinning of my flesh
that the King would delight to draw me to my end
to cut my heart right

but there was dried fruit
a token of heaven’s ears
to say He hears my desires and
– in His wisdom – has determined
the kindest gift He could give in this hour is the stripping
and what the stripping has not stripped
hunger has devoured

and I am cleansed because of it

which has always been my cry
‘make me clean’
I just never thought
it would be so severe, Your gentleness
—did I mention the dried fruit?

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