Boss of the Universe.

Abba God is confident in His ability. He is not nervous about dropping the ball and fumbling our lives. in fact, it is impossible for such thoughts to enter His mind. God and mistake cannot exist in the same sentence. we make mistakes. His exceeding perfection is beyond our grasp. more excellent than we could ever imagine. when the adversary makes a move to mess things up, Abba is not even worried. He saw it coming before the foundation of the world and set a plan in motion to triumph spectacularly over the enemy. it might not feel or look like this is the case from where we stand on this side of eternity, but the reality is that in everything He wins. He has won. this is why He holds the title: God. Elohim. Boss of the Universe. MD of All Creation. the Power. it is tattooed on His thigh: King of kings and Lord of lords. He is great. too great really. yet somehow the idea got into my head that He is capable of being clumsy and botching up my life.

how sad it must be for Him that His son would think this. but I doubt He loses any sleep over it. because He is big. and my wisdom is laughable from His exalted throne. and He is also utterly confident in His ability to grow me into the maturity that He dreamed of when He dreamt up the heavens and the earth.

here is a true story: God is the most confident person in the world. this is what Yeshua must have been referring to when He encouraged the crowds to not worry. do not worry about what you will eat or the clothes you will wear or where you will live. King Father has it all covered. He could look after you in His sleep. relax, He is pretty awesome.

I consider these words and my breath begins to quicken. shorter. sharper. from where I sit in His bus, His ways are terrifying. the last eighteen months have been terrifying. full of spectacular trials—and deliverances too. Christianity is not for cowards. you need lots of guts to walk the walk of faith on His terms. even the Bible says this much. among others, cowards – yes, cowards – will not inherit the Kingdom of Abba God. what a startling judgment. cowardice is as offensive to Elohim as murder and other savage sins.

but He is confident and this anxiety will pass. because He is awesome in His confidence. and it is contagious, His nature. spend enough time with God and it will rub off on you. or He will simply allow you to be trapped in a corner where you have no choice but to be brave or—.

here lies the dilemma: we must choose. in all His ability to bend all of creation to His will, He has left us to choose. He desires our choice. in fact, He treasures it. when we choose Him, that is.

how mind-blowing. that HaShaddai would be so vulnerable as to open Himself up to be rejected by those He created and loves. yet all things work out to His overwhelming advantage in the end. He is God after all. and that is the title on His office door. and His nature too. He cannot be anything else but Himself. Elohim. Boss of the Universe. MD of All Creation. the Power. with a bad-ass tattoo on His thigh.

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