faith warrior.

for Mark

now that the dust has settled around the news
and the place where you were found
discarded in that graveyard in Dar es Salaam
a word comes to my heart
                                                            faith warrior

Mark you shared how you were five or six
and already your lot of daily pain was much too much for you
much too savage a dose for your small soul
and you asked Abba God why—why?
and He said even so there was purpose in it
the trials were to build up a faith warrior in you

but on your honeymoon she went upstairs with a stranger
and slashed the veins of all of your love
while vertigo kept you trapped below, powerless
to do a thing except become a faith warrior

and so you rose and kept on rising up
step by obedient step you climbed the highway up to Zion
until it pleased the King to glorify your life

precious in His sight was your death
Mark Wilson, overcomer and faith warrior

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