it is remarkable how the briefest sighting of a rainbow can gladden the hue of a day.

I parked. I looked out at morning’s frosted clouds up ahead. and there it stood. ever so evanescent. held so lightly by the mist. the rainbow.

‘God is smiling,’ I thought. He will not destroy. not after the flood. that flood of wrath He poured out on His Son.

I remembered Noach. I was reminded of the story a preacher once told. how Noach walked out of the ark and was confronted by the reality of Elohim’s anger. the way He had torn the flesh of the earth. how savage He had been in His rage.

Noach was terrified.

he panicked and began to sacrifice a handful of the precious last animals he had preserved in the ark. he had never seen this face of the Almighty before. what would happen if HaShaddai found guilt in him or his kin?

dismembered trees and plants and bodies littered the ground. the mountains were jarred. they stood petrified from shock. and the wind, she had hid herself in the corners of the earth, leaving that morning eery and still.

Noach spun into a frenzy. he gathered stones for an altar and wood for the fire. his heart was rent. he wept. he cried out to the heavens. the smoke of his offering was fragrant to God.

God was pleased.

the bow of His smile crossed the sky. never again would He destroy like that. not with the deluge of wrath’s waters. He would not despise the ground on man’s account. no, after the flood grace would rain.

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