on the occasion.

on the occasion of Sarah & Chris’ wedding

that day in Gan Eden
the high purpose of time was revealed

Adam had gone to sleep
His Father – God – had performed a surgery
and prepared for His son a bride

it was because Adam had looked and inspected the animals
had discerned each creature by its name
but among them all he found none
to be the co-regent God desired

for in the heart of Elohim was desire
how He longed to be married, to exclaim

             this is light of My light
             this is wind of My breath
             you Ma chère are the city I call home

that day when God woke Adam
history’s meaning was unveiled
in the giving of a hand to comfort his
indeed it has always been about this one thing
to sit at His side
                                    and hold God’s hand

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Just beautiful ..love how you write.


  2. lizelle says:

    you have incredible insight Kambani…..beautiful!!!


  3. Genevieve says:



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