filled to the brim.

and they filled them to the brim, the jars
the slaves did not hold back when Yeshua gave His solution
to the plight the party faced: ‘fill the jars with water’
was His genius plan to save the wedding feast
from sobriety and an untimely end

now, it was not time for the celebration to die down
nor was it the hour for the savour of His wonder
but the new wine was ripe to be poured out
and His mother had caught its scent
so she said to them, the slaves: ‘do what He says’

and He filled them to the brim, the saints


Kambani Ramano is a travelling photographer and writer of biographies who finds himself caught up in the marvellous story of God, following Heaven’s High King wherever He leads. get in touch with Kambani to commission the telling of your own story; or, click here to read other stories and poems that he has written.

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