we killed Him for His help.

recent events in my life have caused me to meditate a bit on the arrival of Yeshua on the earth. to use the words of the apostle John, ‘He came to His own’—but […].

now, for starters, this is a staggering statement. God came. He appeared among men clothed with a body of human flesh. He walked among us. He healed us in those places where we were most vulnerable. He accepted us without any reservations. but somehow we could not accept Him in all of His perfection. really?! really really?

‘He came to His own but His own received Him not.’ (John 1.11)

I am offended by this. it is absolutely outrageous. what a scandal. I hate the fact that Jesus personally visited the planet yet He was recognised by so few. I hate that He was so deeply misunderstood. it offends me that, in His greatest hour of need, no one was there to stand with Him. that He was betrayed and unscrupulously tried and condemned by the guardians of righteousness. that He came to help and we killed Him for it. I hate it I hate it I hate it.

of course, I realise that He is the Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world. so, when He came down, He was fully prepared for the trauma which we would inflict upon Him. but it is still sore to confront the reality that only a handful of individuals received Him appropriately during the course of His life. and that, having witnessed the miraculous wonders that He performed in Galilee and in Judah and in Yerushalayim, we were still able to call for His crucifixion as if He were just a common murderer and fraud.

how is that even possible? #pullingoutmyhairrightnow

and what is this love that relentlessly calls us back to Him in the face of such shameless rejection? we abandoned God yet He refused to abandon us. and still refuses. every day He passionately refuses. instead He holds us fiercely in His heart and will never let us go.

He holds us. He will never let go.


Kambani Ramano is a multi-disciplinary artist – writer, photographer, musician – who has been captured by the story of redemption and grace. having seen how Elohim repeatedly takes the ruins of his life and makes them radiant, Kambani cannot help but be in awe of Heaven’s High King. other passions of his include olives, the Scriptures and ’Erets Yisrael. to support Kambani’s creativity, you can become a patron of his art at patreon.com/kambaniramano.


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